About Us

Appvity consists of a team of professionals that aspires to build productivity software that enables information professionals to work effectively. We build products that focus on the integration between Office applications and SharePoint platform.

We have a team of the most qualified Office and SharePoint experts in the world. Over the past eight years, we have designed, built and deliver over 60 products and projects in the collaboration space. We know how to build and deliver mission critical products.

At Appvity, we value speed, clarity, and simplicity. We pride ourselves on listening to clients, gathering their requirements, and presenting a solution that removes the technical complexity to focus on the simplest way to solve an existing business is through small, focused applications which allow users to more easily get their work done: anytime and anywhere. We strive to build elegant software with beautiful forms, and which follows the functions of your business problems. We are adept in our ability to listen to your feedback, nimbly course-correct as necessary and, ultimately, bring the resulting product to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

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