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Table of Contents: SharePoint 2013 Books

By Lam Le posted June 1, 2013 11:50 | 181 Comments

By Lam Le posted June 1, 2013 11:50 | 181 Comments

Having worked in SharePoint over the past eight years, one of the key indicators I have always watched to gauge the maturity of the market is the number of books that were published about SharePoint.  It's pretty amazing to compare the number of titles between SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 releases.  Judging by the numbers of books to be released on SharePoint 2013, I think the market is still growing at a healthy rate.

I always admire the authors who spend months to share what they know about the platform.  I'm sure it is mostly a labor of love, as I doubt that they actually make any real money. I think we have owned at least a few copies of every single SharePoint book published, even when we started to purchased electronic versions to read on the Kindle.

With so many SharePoint books, I got into the habit of creating a Table of Contents for every book that we own.  Most of the time, I use these books as reference materials (sorry Google and Bing), but a simple question like "How do My Sites actually works?" could take a while to search through all the books for the relevant chapters.  Safari Books Online does provide a good search engine, though in many instances I just want to see if a book has a chapter on "My Sites".

As I start to create another TOC for SharePoint 2013 books, I thought would I share and hope some of you might find it to be useful. An old fashion Ctrl-F will do the trick.  We will keep this up-to-date, and maybe even provide a spreadsheet format someday...

  1. Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development
  2. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development
  3. PowerShell™ for SharePoint 2013 How-To
  4. Professional SharePoint 2013 Development


Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development
Steve Fox, Chris Johnson, Donovan Follette
Publisher: Wiley
Pub. Date: February 2013
Print ISBN-13: 978-1-1184-9584-1
Pages in Print Edition: 202



Getting to Know SharePoint 4
Defining SharePoint by Function 5
Defining SharePoint by User 5
Introducing the User Interface 6
Introducing the Structure 8
Addressing the Needs of the Developer 9
Extending SharePoint 2013 10
Breaking It Down for Developers 12
SharePoint 2013: The Platform 15
SharePoint Installation Types 16
SharePoint 2013 Capabilities 18
Site Collections and Sites 20
SharePoint 2013 APIs 24
SharePoint Central Administration 26
Application Management 27
Monitoring 28
Security 28
General Application Settings 28
System Settings 28
Backup and Restore 29
Upgrade and Migration 29
Configuration Wizard 29
Apps 29
Summary 29
Recommended Reading 31


SharePoint 2013 App Model 33
Apps for Office 34
Apps for SharePoint 35
Moving to the Cloud 37
Understanding the Three Apps for SharePoint Deployment Models 38
SharePoint-Hosted 38
Autohosted 44
Provider-Hosted 49
Summary 52
Recommended Reading 53


SharePoint Development Across Developer Segments 56
Web-Based Development in SharePoint 57
Site Settings 58
Developing SharePoint Applications Using SharePoint Designer 65
Developing SharePoint Applications Using Napa 69
Developing SharePoint Applications Using Visual Studio 2012 74
Other Tools for SharePoint Development 82
Developing with Expression Blend 83
Debugging Using Fiddler 85
Summary 85
Recommended Reading 87


Application and Solution Types 90
Common Developer Tasks 93
Creating Web Parts 93
Creating SharePoint-Hosted Apps 101
Working with SharePoint Data 106
Creating Cloud-hosted Apps 109
Creating Event Receivers 109
Creating ASPX Pages 112
Creating Master Pages 114
Summary 116
Recommended Reading 117


Defining the Cloud 120
Defining Windows Azure 121
Windows Azure Platform 122
Data Layer 123
Services Layer 123
Integration Layer 123
Developing Windows Azure Applications 124
SharePoint and Windows Azure 133
Understanding SharePoint Cloud-Hosted Apps and Windows Azure 134
Creating a Simple Autohosted SharePoint App 136
Summary 146
Recommended Reading 147



Development Models Available in SharePoint 2013 152
Application Integration Options in SharePoint 2013 153
User Interface Integration 154
Events and Logic Integration 166
Data Integration 168
Summary 171
Recommended Reading 173


Anatomy of an App 176
Manifest and Assets 178
SharePoint Solution Package 179
Web Deploy Package 180
Database Package 181
Packaging and Publishing an App 182
Packaging an App 182
Private Publishing in an App Catalog 183
Deploying an App 184
SharePoint-Hosted App Deployment 185
Provider-Hosted App Deployment 188
Autohosted App Deployment 196
Summary 199
Recommended Reading 200


Publishing Apps in the SharePoint Store 203
Creating a Client ID and Secret 204
Pricing and Licensing Apps 206
Submitting Apps 208
Getting Apps Validated 211
Application Life Cycle 212
Using Seller Dashboard Metrics 213
Upgrading Apps 214
Summary 216
Recommended Reading 217


Introducing Remote APIs in SharePoint 2013 220
Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) Basics 221
Managed Code (.NET) 222
Setup 223
Querying 224
JavaScript 228
Setup 229
Querying 230
Security and Cross-Domain Calls 236
Windows Phone 237
Setup 238
Querying 239
REST and OData 241
Getting Started with REST and OData 242
Filtering and Selecting 244
Creating, Updating, and Deleting 246
Client-Side Object Model API Coverage 250
Summary 252
Recommended Reading 253


Introduction to OAuth 256
OAuth in SharePoint 2013 257
Creating and Managing Application Identities 258
Application Authentication 263
App and User Context in API Calls 266
Managing Tokens in Your Application 266
Application Authorization 269
Requesting Permissions Dynamically 271
App-Only Policy 271
On-Premises App Authentication with S2S 272
Summary 275
Recommended Reading 276


Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development
By: Scot Hillier; Ted Pattison
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Pub. Date: January 24, 2013
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7356-7498-1
Pages in Print Edition: 202

Who this book is for
Organization of this book
Prerelease software
Code samples
Support & feedback

1. Introducing SharePoint Apps

Understanding the new SharePoint app model
Understanding SharePoint app model architecture
Packaging and distributing apps

2. Client-side Programming

Introducing JavaScript for SharePoint developers
Introducing jQuery for SharePoint developers
Working with the CSOM
Working with the REST API

3. SharePoint App Security

Reviewing the concepts of authentication and authorization
Understanding SharePoint 2013 authentication
Managing app permissions
Establishing app identity by using OAuth
Establishing app identity by using S2S trusts

4. Developing SharePoint Apps

Understanding app patterns
Using the chrome control
Calling across domains
Going beyond the basics

About the Authors

PowerShell™ for SharePoint 2013 How-To
By: Steven Mann
Publisher: Sams
Pub. Date: February 25, 2013
Print ISBN-10: 0-672-33691-X
Web ISBN-10: 0-13-339228-7
Pages in Print Edition: 304

Title Page
Table of Contents
About the Author
We Want to Hear from You!
Reader Services
Overview of This Book
How to Benefit from This Book
How to Continue Expanding Your Knowledge

Chapter 1. SharePoint 2013 Management Shell

How Do I Run PowerShell?
How Do I Make PowerShell Aware of SharePoint?
What Is the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell?
What Is the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell Loading?

Chapter 2. PowerShell Basics

What Is a Cmdlet?
How Can I See the Possible Verbs for a Noun Command?
What Is a Parameter?
What Is a Switch Parameter?
How Can I See the Possible Parameters for a Cmdlet?
What Does F3 Do?
What Does F7 Do?
What Are Console Commands?
Path Environment Variable
Running Unsigned Scripts
Disabling the Confirmation Prompt
Generating Inline Credentials
Referencing an Assembly

Chapter 3. SharePoint Installation and Configuration

Prepare the Microsoft SharePoint Installation Module
Install SharePoint Unattended
Install Without a Product Key in the Configuration File
Configure a New SharePoint Farm
Join a Server to the SharePoint Farm
Create a New Web Application
Create a New Site Collection
Create a New Subsite

Chapter 4. Farm Management

Review Farm Configuration Values
Set the Farm Configuration Values
Refresh Installed Products
Change the Port of Central Admin
Change the Farm Passphrase
Retrieve the System Accounts
Retrieve Managed Accounts
Rename a Server on the Farm
Display the Configured Managed Paths
Create a New Managed Path
Remove a Managed Path
Merge Log Files
End the Current Log File
Review SharePoint Designer Settings
Configure SharePoint Designer Settings
Review Workflow Configuration Settings
Modify Workflow Configuration Settings
Display Available Timer Jobs on the Farm
Get a Specific Timer Job
Enable a Timer Job
Disable a Timer Job
Start a Timer Job
Set the Schedule for a Timer Job

Chapter 5. Web Application Management

Display Available Web Applications on the Farm
Get a Specific Web Application
Remove a Web Application
Create a New Web Application
Configure Web Application Settings
Extend a Web Application
Create an Alternate Access-Mapping URL
Display All Alternate Access Mappings
Get a Specific Alternate URL Entry
Change the Zone of an Alternate Access Mapping
Remove an Alternate Access Mapping

Chapter 6. Service Application Management

Install Service Applications
Display Available Service Applications on the Farm
Get a Specific Service Application
Configure IIS Settings for a Service Application
Share a Service Application
Remove a Service Application
Display Service Instances on a Server
Get a Specific Service Instance
Start a Service Instance
Stop a Service Instance
Ancillary Cmdlets for Service Applications

Chapter 7. SharePoint Database Management

Display All SharePoint Databases
Get a Specific Database
Create a New Content Database
Display All Content Databases for a Web Application
Detach a Content Database from a Web Application
Attach a Content Database to a Web Application
Delete a Content Database
Create a New Configuration Database
Delete a Configuration Database
Back Up a Configuration Database
Restore a Configuration Database
Back Up the SharePoint Farm
Restore the SharePoint Farm
Back Up a Site Collection
Restore a Site Collection

Chapter 8. Site Management

Display All Available Site Collections on the Farm
Display Available Site Collections in a Web Application
Display Available Site Collections in a Content Database
Get a Specific Site Collection
Remove a Site Collection
Create a Site Collection
Set the Lock State of a Site Collection
Set the Storage Limits on a Site Collection
Create a Site Under a Site Collection
Display All Subsites Within a Site Collection
Get a Specific Subsite (Web)
Remove a Subsite (Web) from a Site Collection
Modify the Subsite (Web) URL
Move a Site Collection to a Different Content Database
Move All Site Collections from One Content Database to Another
Display All Deleted Site Collections
Display Deleted Site Collections in a Content Database
Get a Specific Deleted Site Collection
Remove a Deleted Site Collection
Restore a Deleted Site Collection
Configure Information Rights Management (IRM) Settings

Chapter 9. Solutions and Features

Add a Solution to the SharePoint Farm
Display Available Solutions on the Farm
Get a Specific Solution
Deploy a Solution to a Web Application
Retract a Solution
Upgrade a Deployed Solution
Remove a Solution from the SharePoint Farm
Add a Sandboxed Solution to a Site Collection
Display Available Sandboxed Solutions in a Site Collection
Get a Specific Sandboxed Solution
Activate a Sandboxed Solution
Deactivate a Sandboxed Solution
Upgrade a Deployed Sandboxed Solution
Remove a Sandboxed Solution from a Site Collection
Display Available Features
Get a Specific Feature
Activate a Feature
Deactivate a Feature
Install a Feature in SharePoint
Uninstall a Feature from SharePoint
Export Installed Farm Solutions

Chapter 10. Content Deployment

Create a New Deployment Path
Display Deployment Paths Configured on the Farm
Get a Specific Content Deployment Path
Remove a Content Deployment Path
Create a New Deployment Job
Display Deployment Jobs Configured on the Farm
Get a Specific Content Deployment Job
Remove a Content Deployment Job
Start a Content Deployment Job
Modify Content Deployment Configurations

Chapter 11. User Licensing

Display User Licensing Status
Enable User Licensing Enforcement
Disable User Licensing Enforcement
Display Available User Licenses
Create a New License Mapping
Add a New License Mapping
Display All License Mappings
Remove a License Mapping

Chapter 12. InfoPath Forms Services

Browser-Enabled Form Templates
Throttle Data Connection Timeouts
Throttle the Data Connection Response Size
Modify Authentication Settings
Configure Session State
Enable View State
Verify and Upload a Form Template
Upload Multiple Form Templates at Once
Activate or Deactivate a Form to or from a Site Collection
Remove a Form from InfoPath Form Services
Quiesce a Form from InfoPath Form Services
Enable the Web Service Proxy
Export Forms Services Administration Files
Import Forms Services Administration Files

Chapter 13. Enterprise Search

Display the Enterprise Search Service Information
Display Enterprise Search Service Instances
Get a Specific Enterprise Search Service Instance
Configure the Crawl Account for Enterprise Search
Configure the Enterprise Search Service Performance Level
Display Enterprise Search Service Applications
Get a Specific Enterprise Search Service Application
Create a Custom Metadata Category
Display Available Metadata Categories
Get a Specific Metadata Category
Create a Custom Metadata Crawled Property
Display Available Crawled Properties
Get a Specific Metadata Crawled Property
Create a Custom Metadata-Managed Property
Display Available Managed Properties
Get a Specific Metadata-Managed Property
Create a Metadata Mapping
Use Advanced Cmdlets for Search

Chapter 14. Profile Service

Get the Identity of the Profile Service Application
Get a Specific Profile Service Application Instance
Configure Settings on the Profile Service Application
Remove Old Comments
Remove Old Ratings
Remove Old Tags
Update the Profile Photo Store
Refresh the Feed Cache
Refresh a Specific User's Feed Cache
Use Advanced Cmdlets for the Profile Service

Chapter 15. Business Data Connectivity Service

Get the Identity of the BCS Service Application
Get a Specific BCS Service Application Instance
Configure the BCS Database
Get a BCS Metadata Object
Import a BCS Model
Export a BCS Model
Set the Entity Notification Web
Get the Entity Notification Web
Create an OData Connection
Get an OData Connection
Update an OData Connection

Chapter 16. Secure Store Service

Get the Identity of the Secure Store Service Application
Get a Specific Secure Store Service Application Instance
Enable Auditing for the Secure Store Service
Configure the Secure Store Database
Generate a New Master Key
Refresh the Encryption Key
Create Application Fields
Create a Target Application
Create a New Application Entry

Chapter 17. Metadata Service

Get the Identity of the Metadata Service Application
Get a Specific Metadata Service Application Instance
Configure the Metadata Service Accounts
Configure the Term Store Database
Configure the Content Type Hub
Get the Identity of the Metadata Service Application Proxy
Get a Specific Metadata Service Application Proxy Instance
Configure the Metadata Service Connection Options

Chapter 18. Session State and State Service

Enable Session State
Disable Session State
Display Session State Information
Configure the Timeout of the Session State
Display State Service Applications Configured on the Farm
Get a Specific State Service Application
Rename a State Service Application
Perform State Service Database Operations

Chapter 19. Work Management Service

Get the Identity of the Work Management Service Application
Get a Specific Work Management Service Application Instance
Configure the Refresh Threshold
Configure the Search Query Threshold
Configure the User Synchronization Per Server
Get the Identity of the Work Management Service Application Proxy
Get a Specific Work Management Service Application Proxy Instance

Chapter 20. Machine Translation Service

Get the Identity of the Machine Translation Service Application
Get a Specific Machine Translation Service Application Instance
Get the Identity of the Machine Translation Service Proxy
Get a Specific Machine Translation Service Application Proxy Instance
Configure the Translation Processes
Configure Translations Throughput
Configure Enabled Document File Extensions for Translation
Modify Database Information
Modify Translation Timeouts
Modify the Maximum Translation Attempts
Modify the Recycle Threshold

Chapter 21. Excel Services

Create a Trusted File Location
Display All Trusted File Locations
Get a Specific Trusted File Location
Remove a Trusted File Location
Create a Trusted Data Connection Library
Display All Trusted Data Connection Libraries
Get a Specific Trusted Data Connection Library
Remove a Trusted Data Connection Library
Create a New Safe Data Provider
Display All Safe Data Providers
Get a Specific Safe Data Provider
Remove a Safe Data Provider
Create a Blocked File Type
Display All Blocked File Types
Get a Specific Blocked File Type
Remove a Blocked File Type
Create a User-Defined Function Reference
Display All User-Defined Function References
Get a Specific User-Defined Function Reference
Remove a User-Defined Function Reference
Modify Excel Services Objects

Chapter 22. PerformancePoint Services

Configure the Unattended Service Account
Display the Unattended Service Account
Create a Trusted Content Location
Create a Trusted Data Source Location
Display All Trusted Content Locations
Display All Trusted DataSource Locations
Display Details of Trusted Locations
Get a Specific Trusted Location
Remove a Trusted Location
Configure PerformancePoint Services to Enforce Trusted Locations
Configure PerformancePoint Services Application Settings

Chapter 23. Access Services

Configure the Application Log Size
Configure the Cache Timeout
Modify the Maximum Columns in a Query
Modify the Maximum Calculated Columns in a Query
Configure the Maximum Order By Clauses
Configure the Maximum Number of Rows in a Query
Configure the Maximum Number of Records in an Access Table
Configure the Maximum Number of Sources in a Query
Enable and Disable the Use of Outer Joins
Allow or Restrict Nonremotable Queries
Throttle Access Services Memory Utilization
Throttle Session Memory Utilization
Configure User Sessions
Limit Template Sizes
Modify Access Services Databases

Chapter 24. Visio Graphics Services

Configure the Unattended Service Account
Create a New Safe Data Provider
Display All Safe Data Providers
Get a Specific Safe Data Provider
Remove a Safe Data Provider
Setting the Description of a Data Provider
Configuring Visio Performance Settings

Chapter 25. Word Automation Services

Configure the Conversion Processes
Configure Conversion Throughput
Configure Supported Document Formats for Conversion
Modify Database Information
Modify Job Monitoring
Modify Conversion Timeouts
Modify the Maximum Conversion Attempts
Modify the Maximum Memory Usage
Disable Word 97–2003 Document Scanning
Disable Embedded Fonts in Conversions
Modify the Recycle Threshold

Chapter 26. Office Web Apps

Create a New WOPI Binding in SharePoint
Review Current SharePoint WOPI Bindings
Configure the Default Action for an Application
Remove WOPI Bindings from SharePoint
Configure the WOPI SharePoint Zone
Disable Certain WOPI Actions
Resolve Invalid Proof Signature

Appendix A. stsadm Versus SharePoint PowerShell

Appendix B. Upgrade and Migration

Additional Upgrade Cmdlets

Appendix C. Enterprise Search Reference

Service Application

Appendix D. App Management Service Reference

App Settings and Configuration
Denied Endpoint Management
Installation and Provisioning of Apps
Marketplace Management
Service Application

Professional SharePoint 2013 Development
By: Reza Alirezaei, Brendon Schwartz, Matt Ranlett, Scot Hillier, Brian Wilson, Jeff Fried, Paul Swider
Publisher: Wiley
Pub. Date: March 2013
ISBN: 978-1-1184-9582-7
Pages in Print Edition: 816


What's New from an Architectural Perspective? 2
On-Premise Server Farm Architecture 3
Web Server Tier 4
Application Server Tier 4
Database Server Tier 4
Small or Single-Tier Topology 4
Medium or Two-Tier Topology 5
Large or Three-Tier Topology 5
Geographically Distributed Topology 6
Service Application Architecture 6
Service Application Model 6
Available Service Applications 8
Service Application Life Cycle 11
Multitenancy Hosting Architecture 21
Site Subscriptions 22
Service Application Partitioning 22
Tenant Administration 26
Feature Packs 27
Search Architecture 27
Crawl and Content Processing Components 28
Analytics Processing Component 28
Index and Query Processing 29
Search Administration Component 30
Multi-Purpose (with Search) Medium-Sized Search Farm Topology Example 30
SQL Server Database Architecture 32
Database Topologies 32
SharePoint 2013 Databases 35
Cloud-Hosted Architectures 38
Security Features 39
Identity Features 39
Administration Model 40
Summary 41


Introduction to SharePoint 2013 43
Deployment Scenarios 44
On-Premise Deployment 44
Office 365 Deployment 44
Hosted Deployment 44
Hybrid Deployment 44
Packaging Scenarios 45
Full-Trust Farm Solution 45
Partial-Trust Sandboxed Solution 45
Apps for SharePoint 45
The Programming Model 45
The Evolution of SharePoint Programming 46
Challenges with CSOM in SharePoint 2010 47
Challenges with Server-Side Code 47
The New Programming Model 48
The App Model 51
SharePoint-Hosted Apps 51
Provider-Hosted Apps 52
Azure Auto-Hosted Apps 52
Apps or Solutions — Which Way to Go? 53
The App Security Model 55
Remote Events 58
Reporting Services 2012 Data Alerts 59
Events in External Lists 60
Remote Event Receivers 60
The Security Model in Remote Events 61
Workflows 63
Challenges with Workflows in SharePoint 2010 63
Workfl ow Architecture in SharePoint 2013 64
Building Your Workflow Development Environment 66
SharePoint Designer 2013 Workfl ows 69
Using Workflows in Apps 71
Enterprise Content Management 71
Site Policies 71
Managed Meta Data 73
Web Content Management 74
The Structural Publishing Model 75
The Dynamic Publishing Model 75
Taxonomy-Driven Navigation 75
Term-Driven Publishing Pages 76
Cross-Site Publishing 77
Hostname Site Collections 79
Multilingual Features 80
The Content by Search Web Part 81
Design Manager 81
Mobile Support 82
Image Rendition 83
App-Driven Publishing Sites 84
Search 84
Search Schema 84
Search Navigation 84
Result Sources 85
Display Templates 86
Result Types 86
Query Rules 87
Continuous Crawl 88
Putting It All Together 88
Query Languages 89
Exporting and Importing Search Settings 90
Search-Driven Solutions 90
BCS 91
OData Connector 92
BCS Powered Apps 92
CSOM and REST Interface 93
Summary 94


Customization Options with SharePoint 96
OOB Developer Experience 97
Understanding the User Interface for Customization 98
Understanding SharePoint Designer 2013 102
New Features in SharePoint Designer 102
Navigating the User Interface 105
Understanding Visual Studio 2012 Tools 106
Starting a New SharePoint 2013 Project 107
Visual Studio Integrated List and Content Type Support 108
SharePoint Connections in Server Explorer 109
Solution Explorer Integration 109
Mapped Folders 110
Applications for SharePoint 110
SharePoint Solutions (Classic Solution) 114
Setting Up Your Development Environment 120
Development Environment 120
Local Development Environment 121
Troubleshooting with Debugging 123
F5 Debugging 123
Debugging Using the Developer Dashboard 126
Debugging Using SharePoint Logs 127
Debugging Silverlight Code 127
Other Useful Tools for Debugging and Testing 128
Summary 129


Getting Started with Application Lifecycle Management 132
Three Application Lifecycle Management Perspectives 132
Application Lifecycle Management Tools 134
Understanding Key Development Tools 135
Understanding the SharePoint 2013
Development Models 136
Planning your Customization Model and Release Packaging Approach 139
Customization Models 139
Release Packaging Approach 142
Planning your Key Development Phases and Release Model 146
Key Development Phases 146
Release Models 149
Planning Your Upgrade and Patching Approach 154
Upgrading Solutions and Features 154
Patching Your SharePoint 2013 Environment 155
Planning Your SharePoint Team Environments 156
Environments for Large Projects 156
Identifying the Environments Your Developers Require 157
Identifying the Environments Your Testers Require 163
Managing SharePoint 2013 Development Teams 163
Selecting Software Development Methodology 164
Setting Up Development Standards and Best Practices 165
Managing, Tracking, and Recording Key Design Decisions 166
Planning for Regular Code Reviews 166
Large Project Considerations 167
Large Project Life-Cycle Models 167
Decentralized Development Teams 169
Off shore Teams 169
Managing SharePoint 2013 Testing Teams 171
Setting Up a Testing Strategy 171
Unit Testing 172
Automated Builds and Integration Testing 172
Test Case Planning 174
Performance Testing 175
Functional Testing 177
User Acceptance Testing 177
Defect Tracking 178
Other Testing Considerations 178
Summary 179


Moving to the Cloud 181
What Is the Cloud? 182
Why Companies Care 184
Why Developers Care 185
Cautions for Cloud Adopters 186
Introducing Windows Azure 188
Execution Models 189
Mobile Services 189
High-Performance Computing 190
Marketplace 190
Data Management 190
Business Analytics 190
Media 191
Networking 191
Caching 191
Messaging 192
Identity 192
SharePoint and Microsoft's Cloud Off erings 192
SaaS Licensing for SharePoint 193
PaaS Licensing for SharePoint 194
Integration Models 195
Summary 198


Architectural Overview of SharePoint Apps 201
Programming Model Overview 202
Comparing Apps and Solutions 203
Hosting Options 204
Examining an App 205
Adding an App 207
Developing Your First App 208
Client-Side Object Model 212
CSOM Improvements over SharePoint 2010 214
RESTful SharePoint 2013 216
Developing Externally Hosted Apps 218
High-Trust Apps for Single Server Development Environments 219
Developing a Provider-Hosted App 221
Developing an Azure Auto-hosted App 224
Summary 229


Developing Your App User Experience 231
Developing an Embeddable App or App Part 236
Developing a Custom Action App 239
App Design Guidelines 242
Developing Your App Packaging 242
Developing Your App Deployment 244
Publishing to the Offi ce Store 244
Publishing to an App Catalog 245
Developing for App Upgradeability 245
Updating SharePoint Apps 246
App Migration 246
Additional Considerations for Apps Developers 247
Key Recommendations 247
Decision Criteria for Cloud-hosted Apps Versus SharePoint-hosted Apps 248
Decision Criteria for Developing Apps Versus Farm Solutions 248
Decision Criteria for Developing Provider-hosted Versus Azure-hosted Apps 252
Summary 252


New and Improved Social Features in SharePoint 2013 254
New User Experience 254
Multiple Supported Browsers 255
Rich Text Editor 256
Enterprise Social Networking 256
Sharing Content 257
Enticing User Contributions with Blogs, Wikis, and Discussions 258
Socializing Categorization and Feedback 259
Enterprise Taxonomy 261
Traditionally Social User-Generated Content Experiences 261
Wikis Everywhere 261
Blogs 262
Communities 263
Community Site Template 265
Discussions 266
Reputation 267
Gifted Badges 268
Best Replies Used with Question and Answer 269
Members Page 269
My Sites in Depth 269
User Profi le 270
My Site Document Libraries and SkyDrive Pro 271
Following Content and People 272
Newsfeed in Depth 272
Microblogs 273
Activity Feed 275
Programming with the Social API 275
Summary 277


Search Architecture and Extensibility 280
New Search Architecture 280
Implications of the New Search Architecture 281
Extensibility Points for Search 282
Top Customization Scenarios 283
Search Drives Applications 283
Out-of-the-box Search Applications 284
Search-driven Web Content Management 285
Social Features — Driven by Search 286
e-Discovery — Driven by Search 286
Working at the UX Layer 288
Components of the Search Center 288
Search Web Parts 289
The Content Search Web Part 290
Result Types and Display Templates 291
Working with Managed Properties 295
The Hover Panel 297
Summary — Using Result Types and Display Templates 298
Working with Queries 298
Query Processing 299
Links with Predefined Queries 301
Using REST and CSOM to Query Search 301
Search Query Syntax 303
Query Builder 307
Query Rules 308
Summary – Working with Queries 312
Working with Content 312
Content Capture – Crawling and Connectors 312
Security Trimming 320
Customizing Content Enrichment 322
Working with Federation and Result Sources 327
Summary — Working with Content 331
Tailoring Relevance 332
Managing Relevance via Queries and Content 332
Rank Profiles 334
Tying It All Together 336
Building Quick Search Verticals 336
Building Custom Search-based Applications 336
Combining Search with Other Workloads 338
Summary: Building Search-based
Applications in SharePoint 338


Taxonomy and the Information Architect 342
Administration 343
Site Navigation 344
Page Creation 346
Search-Driven Publishing 347
Catalogs for Site Publishing 348
Cross-Site Collection Publishing 349
Create and Edit Content 350
Ribbon Enhancements 350
Publishing Field Controls 351
Image Renditions 353
Dynamically Displaying Content 355
Content by Search Web Part 355
Search-Driven Web Parts 356
Access Content Programmatically 357
Server-Side API 357
Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) 359
Branding Sites 360
Master Pages 360
Page Layouts 360
Composed Looks 361
Custom Branding in Expression Web 363
Design Manager 366
Using Device Channels for Mobile Experiences and Device Targeting 366
Working with Design Files and Assets 368
Converting HTML Master Pages 369
Snippet Gallery 370
Package for Deployment 374
Usage Analytics 374
Architecture and Improvements 375
Using Usage Events in Code 375
Extending Usage Events 376
Multilingual Support 377
Summary 378


Introducing the Training Management Application 380
Creating the Sample List 380
Customizing SharePoint List Forms 381
Customizing SharePoint List Forms 381
InfoPath Controls 383
Creating Business Logic with Rules and Views 384
Publishing List Forms 388
Designing InfoPath Form Templates 390
What Is a Form Library? 391
Designing Your Form Template 392
Querying SharePoint Lists in Forms 397
Querying REST Web Services 399
Submit Behavior 402
Form Programming 403
Publishing InfoPath Forms 411
Form Security 414
Sandboxing Your Forms 414
Form Anatomy 415
Working with the Form XML in Code 419
Tools for Form Developers 427
The Rule Inspector 427
The Design Checker 428
InfoPath JavaScript Tool 429
Summary 430


The Document Management Mindset 432
ECM Features 432
Expanded ECM Object Model 436
Getting the Most from the Document Center 437
Visual Studio and the Document Center 439
Content Routing 439
Managing the Content Organizer 439
Using Document Libraries in the Document Center 443
Meta-Data Navigation and Filtering 444
Visual Studio and Document Libraries 446
Records Management 448
Record Identification 449
Auditing and Reporting 450
Records Management API 451
Declaring and Undeclaring Records 451
Creating Organizer Rules 453
eDiscovery and Compliance 457
eDiscovery Center Site Template 457
eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013 458
Create Compliance with SharePoint 2013 461
Retention Schedules 465
Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) 470
Summary 471


Introducing Business Connectivity Services 474
Creating Simple BCS Solutions 476
Creating Simple O365 Solutions 479
Understanding BCS Architecture 480
Understanding Connectors 480
Understanding Business Data Connectivity 481
Understanding the Secure Store Service 485
Understanding Package Deployment 487
Understanding App Architecture 488
Working with BDC Metadata Models 489
Working with External Data Sources 490
Connecting with the SQL Server Connector 491
Connecting with the WCF Service Connector 495
Creating Methods 498
Implementing Method Stereotypes 499
Creating Methods for Databases 502
Creating Methods for Web Services 508
Defining Associations 509
Working with External Lists 513
Creating Custom List Actions 513
Creating Custom Forms 513
Summary 514


Creating .NET Assembly Connectors 515
Understanding the Project Tooling 516
Walking Through the Development Process 517
Packaging Considerations 532
Enabling Search Support 533
Working with the BDC Server Runtime Object Model 536
Connecting to the Metadata Catalog 537
Retrieving Model Elements 538
Executing Operations 539
Using ECTs in SharePoint Apps 546
Understanding App-Level ECTs 546
Understanding the BCS Client Object Model 548
Summary 549


Introducing Core Workflow Concepts 552
What Is a Workflow? 552
Workflow Activities 553
Workflow Actions 555
Workflow Forms 556
Workflow Tasks 559
Workflow History 559
Workflow Flow Control Templates 560
Workflow Scopes 562
Workflow Associations and Subscriptions 563
Workflow Event Listeners 564
Workflow Visualization 565
Workflow Authorization 566
Understanding the Workflow Platform Architecture in SharePoint 2013 567
Understanding Key Workflow Development Tools 568
Visio Professional 2013 569
SharePoint Designer 2013 570
Visual Studio 2012 572
Setting Up the Development Prerequisites 573
Creating Your Workfl ow and SharePoint
Development Environment 573
Installing the Workfl ow Manager 574
Installing Your Development Tools 574
Modeling a Workfl ow Using Visio 2013 575
Developing Workfl ows Using SharePoint Designer 2013 577
Setting Up the Site and List Prerequisites 577
Importing the Visio Workflow Diagram 578
Creating the Vacation Request List Workflow 579
Publishing the Workflow 588
Developing Custom Workflow Activities and Actions Using Visual Studio 2012 589
Creating a Custom Declarative Activity and Action 590
Developing a Custom Code Activity and Action 594
Developing Workfl ows Using Visual Studio 2012 595
Key Development Considerations 597
SharePoint 2010 versus SharePoint 2013 Workflow 597
Declarative Versus Programmatic Workflows 597
Considering Where Workflows Execute 597
Determining Whether to Convert SharePoint 2010 Workflows to
SharePoint 2013 Workflows 598
SharePoint Designer versus Visual Studio 2012 598
Deciding Between Sequential Versus State Machine Workflow 599
Summary 599


The History 601
Introducing SSRS 2012 602
Authoring Tools 603
Configuring the BI Center 606
Building and Deploying Reports 607
Authoring Reports 607
Laying Out Your Report 609
Data Visualizations 610
Tablix 612
Publishing Your Report to SharePoint 612
Publishing Report Parts 615
Report Viewer Web Part 616
Limitations 617
Connectable Report Viewer Web Part 617
ATOM Data Feeds 618
Reporting Services Data Alert 619
Open with Report Builder 3.0 620
Caching and Snapshots 620
Stored Credentials 622
Managing Parameters 623
Planning 624
Caching Your Report 625
Managing Cache Refresh Plans 626
Snapshots 626
Diff erences Between Caching and Snapshots 628
Reporting on SharePoint Data 629
Creating a Sample List 630
Building the Report 630
Querying Large Lists 631
Multiple Zones 632
Anonymous Access to Reports 632
Reporting Services Execution Account 633
Summary 634


What's New 637
Updates to the Client 637
Customization Enhancements 637
New Enhancements to Excel Service APIs 637
Dashboards and Excel Mashups 637
Excel Interactive View (Excel Everywhere) 639
Excel 641
Flash Fill 641
Web Service Functions 642
Excel Web Apps 643
Excel Apps for Offi ce 643
Excel Task Pane Apps 644
Excel Content Apps 645
Excel Services 647
Excel Services Architecture 647
Excel Services Data Access 647
Excel Services Web Access 660
JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) 660
User Defi ned Functions (UDF) 665
SOAP Web Services 669
Summary 670


Business Intelligence 671
History 672
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Components 674
Important BI Terms and Concepts 678
The Business Intelligence Center 680
Introducing PerformancePoint 2013 682
PerformancePoint Services Architecture 682
Changes in PerformancePoint 2013 684
Using PerformancePoint 2013 686
Configuring PerformancePoint Services 686
Using the AdventureWorks Sample Databases 686
Creating a Dashboard 691
What Else Is in the Box? 702
Extending PerformancePoint 707
Extensibility Targets in PerformancePoint 2013 707
Custom Data Sources 709
Custom Reports, Filters, and Transformations 716
Deploying Customizations 717
Summary 718


Access 2013 722
Exploring Access 2013 723
Access Services 727
On-Premise Architecture 728
Hosted Architecture 729
Upgrade Considerations 729
Database Components 729
Building an Application with Access Services 736
Prerequisites 736
Creating an Access Web App 742
Deploying Access Applications 750
Summary 751



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