Our Products

Appvity believes enterprise project management does not have to be complicated. We created small and simple apps that take care of your tasks, issues, and alerts within the Office 365 and Teams environment. Our apps allow teams to effectively work together without even being in the same office. Extend your cloud platform to be more productive and cost effective!


The boundless diversity of ideas, knowledge, and experience are prerequisite for development and innovation at Appvity. Our heterogeneous teams collaborate just like our clients do. We use collaboration technologies such as Office online and SharePoint that our clients use. We face the same pain points that you do. It is our practical knowledge, attitude, and innovation that inspires Appvity to provide services to help your business be more successful.


Appvity has been solving complex problems in a variety of markets, including aviation, finance, insurance, petroleum, and others. Most of our customers have a long relationship where we demonstrated our ability to identify and address our clients' concerns by meeting their scheduling and budgetary needs. We are truly an extension of your virtual IT team. We are your partner.